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发糕 – steamed sponge cake


(A cup cake paper cup full of 9 minutes can hold 7-8 pieces~)
♦ Sticky rice noodles “Zailai Rice Noodles” 200g
♦ powdered sugar 80g “less sweet”
♦ 100ml fresh water
♦ ENO fruit salt 1 pack
♦ a little red

  1. Sticky rice noodles “Re-come rice noodles”, icing sugar, and water, stir well until there are no powder particles, then add a little red pigment.
  2. Finally add eno and stir well.
  3. I make a larger rice cake for about 25 minutes. If I make a small cup, take out the cup cake paper cup and pour the batter 9 minutes full, boil the pre-heated water, and steam it for 20 minutes.
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