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Steamed coconut sugar rice cake

steamed coconut sugar rice cake

♦ 200ml each of glutinous rice flour, coconut sugar and water
♦ 1 tablespoon of sugar tbsp
♦ 1/5 teaspoon of salt

  1. A 5-inch and a half baking tray covered with banana leaves (banana leaves will be softened first, or the ice in the freezer in the refrigerator will become soft overnight)
  2. Coconut sugar + white sugar + salt + boiled and filtered into glutinous rice flour and stir evenly (no need to wait to cool) and then filter into the steaming dish, cover the steaming dish with a piece of aluminum foil to prevent water dripping during steaming So it was dropped)
  3. Turn off the heat and then boil the pot. Pour 1-inch high water into the inner pot, put it in the steaming rack and boil it, put it in the steaming tray and steam for 2 minutes, turn off the heat, move the inner pot into the outer pot, cover the outer pot, and turn the handle toward Move up to stand up and fasten the lid, fasten the buckles on both sides and simmer for 1 hour.

*Remove the rice cake from the steaming dish until it is cool

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