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Health Preserving Kettle -Steamed Eggs 养生壶版水蒸蛋

1. Add salt to the eggs, beaten the lard and the cooking wine. The thinner the dao, the better. 

2. Add the three  times warm water of the egg mixture, and beat well while adding water. 

3. Finally, filter out the bubbles and add the stew Place the required water level in the cup, 

4. then put in the stewing pot, click the boiling water function, after the end, click a flower nectar function for 5 minutes, and then click the end to be stuffy for two or three minutes.

1. 鸡蛋加盐,猪油和料酒打匀,打的越细越好,

2. 加入蛋液的三倍温水,边加水边打匀,

3. 最后,把泡沫过滤掉,养生壶内加入炖盅放置需要的水位,

4. 然后把炖盅放入,点烧水功能,结束之后点一个花果茶功能5分钟,然后点结束闷两三分钟就可以咯

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