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Smoothie Apple Milk

~~~•Ann Kok•Sincerely share~~~

Ann Kok has compiled the [Milestone Multifunctional Nutrition Machine] version of the apple milk smoothie recipe for everyone here.

★Smoothie Apple Milk★

Preparing ingredients:

 red apples: 2 pcs

evaporated milk: half can

small ice cubes: 3 bowls

1. Cut the red apple into small cubes and smash ice cubes for later use.

2 .Take out the ‘milestone multifunctional nutrition machine’ and add all the ingredients between the upper and lower water levels.

3 Then press the cool fruits drinks button. The red light is on. . Until the sound bee lights up, it means the work is successfully completed~


With a [Milestone Multi-Functional Nutrition Machine], just follow the recipe step by step, and there will be no mistakes.

With a [Milestone Multi-Functional Nutrition Machine] with grinding and boiling functions, it is much easier to drink a cup of five-grain beverage every day, and you can do it with one touch button.

[Milestone Small Appliances Recipe Page] will provide you with recipes every day. With a [Milestone Multi-Functional Nutrition Machine], even if you are lazy to think about recipes, follow to the recipes provided step by step, , the method is very simple and easy to learn, just turn it on and follow the recipe.

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