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Condensed Soy Milk

This is the [Milestone Multi-Functional Nutrition Machine] version of condensed milk soy milk written by Summer Panther.

~~~• Summer Panther• Sincerely share~~~

Soymilk with condensed milk, my second master said that homemade soymilk is a bit different from the one bought outside, and the one bought outside is more fragrant, I said

Maybe they added flavors. My second young master took soy milk to study it himself, and wanted to study the flavors bought from outside, because

I got used to drinking it, and later let him research and develop that soy milk with some condensed milk is 80% similar to the soy milk outside, and condensed milk is also

Don’t add too much, it will lose the aroma of soy milk. My second master has researched on eating. . O(∩_∩)O haha~

My husband drank soy milk with condensed milk and said it was similar. He also drank 2 cups ^^

condensed soy milk


Soybeans – 1 measuring cup

water – upper and lower water levels

The ratio of condensed milk to sugar is 1:2

Pandan leaves – 2 sticks

Step To Do It:

1. Wash and soak 1 cup of soybeans overnight

2. Put it into the milestone nutrition machine, add water to the upper and lower water levels, and press “soya”

3. Filter the soy milk, pour it into a pot, add the pandan leaves and bring to a boil over medium heat, remember to stir while cooking

4. After cooking, add condensed milk and sugar to drink. The ratio of condensed milk and sugar is 1:2, that is to say, if condensed milk

1 tablespoon of sugar is only 2 sugar depending on the sweetness you want, condensed milk soy milk is really better ^^

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