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Taro Soy Milk

Taro Soy Milk

This is the [Milestone Multi-Functional Nutrition Machine] version of Taro Soy Milk by Summer Panther.

~~~• Summer Panther• Sincerely share~~~

Taro Soy Milk


Soybeans – 1 measuring cup

water – upper and lower water levels

Taro puree – 200g (steamed and pressed into puree)

Taro Flavor – Just a little bit (or leave it out)

sugar – in moderation

Step to Make it:

1. I soaked the soybeans last night

2. I got up this morning and changed the water

3. Pour the soybeans into the Milestone nutrition machine, turn on the power and press “soya”

4. Filter the soy milk and add the taro paste, stir well, filter, pour the filtered taro soy milk into Milestone

Add a little bit of taro essence and an appropriate amount of sugar to the nutrition machine, press the clean button, a cup of fragrant

The taro soy milk is just fine, it’s really mellow ^^

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