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桂圆红枣汤 / Longan Red Date Soup


  • 将材料洗净
  • 把红枣、桂圆、枸杞子洗干净放入养生壶,加水煮沸


Efficacy: Jujube has high vitamin content and can nourish qi and blood. It is a super tonic for women when combined with longan and brown sugar. It can warm the palace and relieve dysmenorrhea.

wash the material
Wash the red dates, longan, and medlar, put them in the health pot, add water and boil
Small TIPS: Red dates and brown sugar water can dispel wind and cold, invigorate qi and benefit blood, but do not drink it during the menstrual period, so as to avoid excessive blood volume, drink it in moderation, as drinking too much can easily get heaty.

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