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玫瑰蜂蜜茶 / Rose honey tea



  • 将水倒入养生壶煮沸后放入红茶包,冲泡约6分钟
  • 将玫瑰分朵放入红茶液内拌一拌,继续煮沸
  • 程序结束后,倒入蜂蜜,并加入柠檬片就可以了

Efficacy: Mild in nature, reducing internal heat, can regulate blood gas, promote blood circulation, beautify the skin, and have the functions of eliminating fatigue, healing wounds, and protecting the liver and gastrointestinal tract. Long-term drinking can also help promote metabolism and play a role in weight loss and fat loss.

Ingredients: 6 roses, 1 small bag of black tea, a tablespoon of honey, a small slice of lemon

Pour the water into the health pot to boil, put in the black tea bag, and brew for about 6 minutes
Put the roses into the black tea liquid and stir, continue to boil

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