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百合山药甜汤 / Lily Yam Sweet Soup

  • 新鲜百合洗净,山药斜切成约5mm厚的小片,然后将百合、山药、枸杞、红枣和冰糖加入养生壶里
  • 将水倒入养生壶至500ml刻度线,然后选择10分钟的“精煮”模式


Wash the fresh lily, cut the yam obliquely into small pieces about 5mm thick, then add the lily, yam, wolfberry, red dates and rock sugar into the health pot
Pour water into the health pot to the 500ml mark, and then select the “delicate cooking” mode for 10 minutes
TIPS: For ingredients that are prone to foaming, it is recommended to tilt the lid when cooking to prevent overflow. After 10 minutes of fine cooking, the sweet lily yam soup is ready

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