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红豆西米露 / Red Bean Sago


  • 将赤小豆提前一晚加水浸泡至泡软,西米洗净后用清水浸泡约半个小时。
  • 将赤小豆连带泡豆的水倒入养生壶中持续煮豆,直至将豆煮软,加入少许冰糖,煮至粘稠盛出冷藏。
  • 将泡好的西米倒入养生壶,加水煮,煮的过程中需要注意用勺子一直搅拌,煮至西米变得透明并浮到水面为止,将西米捞出放入碗中,加入凉水过凉,再用漏勺重新捞出,这样西米会更晶莹透亮且可口。
  • 将蜜豆水与纯牛奶倒入西米中,喜欢甜的小盆友还可以稍微加一些炼乳,搅拌后放入冰箱稍微冷藏一下,取出后即可食用。


Efficacy: Dessert, good health product

Soak Chixiaodou overnight in water until soft. Wash the sago and soak in water for about half an hour.
Pour the Chixiaodou together with the water used to soak the beans into the health pot and continue to cook the beans until the beans are soft, add a little rock sugar, cook until it becomes sticky, take out and refrigerate.
Pour the soaked sago into the health pot, add water and cook. During the cooking process, you need to pay attention to stirring with a spoon until the sago becomes transparent and floats to the surface of the water. Take out the sago and put it in a bowl, add cold water to cool it, and then take it out again with a colander, so that the sago will be more crystal clear and delicious.
Pour the honey bean water and pure milk into the sago. For those who like sweetness, you can also add a little condensed milk. After stirring, put it in the refrigerator for a while, and then take it out and eat it.
Small TIPS: Red beans and sago are very nutritious. For a good taste, add more sugar to make it delicious. Add sugar in moderation!

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