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枸杞玫瑰花茶 /Goji Berry Rose Tea



  • 1、食材放入养生壶的过滤网中
  • 2、加适量水,选择花茶功能泡好即可喝


Efficacy: Lycium barbarum has the effect of benefiting the liver and improving eyesight. Roses are very friendly to us women.

Suitable for the crowd: suitable for little fairies who love beauty, people who often stay up late

  1. Put the ingredients into the filter of the health pot
  2. Add appropriate amount of water, select the scented tea function and drink it after brewing
    Tips: This tea can be drunk every day except during menstruation. Roses promote blood circulation, and drinking it during menstruation may increase the amount of menstruation. If you like it sweeter, you can add some chrysanthemum! Honey can also be added.
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