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Pear Juice

The following is the [Milestone Multi-Functional Nutrition Machine] version of Pear Juice prepared by HEI MEI REN for you.

~~~•HEI MEI REN•Share with sincerity~~~

Pear Juice


130g pear fruit (peeled)

6 white sour plums (seeds removed)

3 tablespoons sugar


1) Cut the pear fruit into pieces and put it into the multi-function nutrition machine together with the sour plum

2) Add water to the upper and lower water levels, press (coolfruitsdrink) until the blink sounds to complete


With a [Milestone Multi-Functional Nutrition Machine], just follow the recipe step by step, and there will be no mistakes.

With a [Milestone Multi-Functional Nutrition Machine] with grinding and boiling functions, it is much easier to drink a cup of five-grain beverage every day, and you can do it with one touch button.

[Milestone Small Appliances Recipe Page] will provide you with recipes every day. With a [Milestone Multi-Functional Nutrition Machine], even if you are lazy to think about recipes, follow to the recipes provided step by step, , the method is very simple and easy to learn, just turn it on and follow the recipe.

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以下是黑美人为大家编写的【Milestone 多功能营养机】版沙梨果汁。






有了一部【Milestone 多功能营养机】,照着食谱一步一步做,肯定不会有闪失。

有了一部拥有研磨、熬煮功能的【Milestone 多功能营养机】,想要每天喝一杯五谷饮料就容易多了,一个按键就搞定。

【Milestone 小家电食谱专页】天天都会为你提供食谱。有了一部【Milestone 多功能营养机】,就算你懒的去想食谱,根据提供的食谱step by step,一步骤,一步骤,做法非常简单易学,开机,照着食谱做就是了。

关于【Milestone多功能营养机】和进一步的询问可以 PM inbox (message 发消息) 或者直接留言

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关于【Milestone 多功能营养机】录像按这里:

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Lees Braised Chicken Wings

Bright color and tender chicken

Lees (fermentation)Braised Chicken Wings

Lees (fermentation) wine gravy is a traditional Fujian dish. The fermented lees is the fragrant fermented lees extracted from the aged distiller’s lees, and then mixed with the spicy sauce. The refined fragrant fermented fermented lees has a moderately salty taste. It can be dipped in meat and vegetables. It is steamed and steamed. It is suitable for steaming, soup preservation and stir-frying.

Now there are fewer and fewer local elders who know how to make red lees marinade. Almost every family in the 1960s made this red lees. In its production process, the glutinous rice is washed, soaked in water and steamed, and finally fermented with wine koji. Adding distillers grains to seafood or meat for cooking not only makes the dishes appear red, which is quite pleasing, but also removes the fishy smell and adds a rich and mellow flavor.

1. 500g middle section of chicken wings

2. 2 tablespoons red lees, green onion, ginger, minced garlic,

3. a little rock sugar

4. One cup of water

5. A little seasoning and salt

1)  Mix the red lees and chicken wings and marinate for half an   hour.

2) Put the marinated chicken wings and all the ingredients (except salt) into the MILESTONE Smart  Cooker and stir evenly.

 3) Press (Rice) button to 70c and stir 2 to 3 times ) After boiling until the light flashes, add salt and stir, turn off the power to complete this braised chicken wings