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Household multi-function electric hot pot student dormitory hot pot roast cooking steamed rice one non-stick electric wok

RM250.00 RM79.00
❤ Multi-function 6L large capacity: It can be used for cooking, simmering, frying, frying, simmering, roasting, steaming, stewing, which makes it easy to fry a variety of foods, including fish, bacon and other longevity foods
•❤ 5-speed temperature control - Adjustable rotary thermostat allows you to adjust the temperature according to the cooking dishes. The thermostat allows you to change the temperature to the most suitable for your composition. This convenient thermostat can maintain very precise temperature
•❤ Healthy non-stick coating - The large cooking surface is made entirely of non-stick material. It uses less oil and is gentle on food when cooking. The surface is easy to clean and you can easily remove the food
•❤ Removable temperature controller - This temperature controller can be easily removed and you can use it as a common cookware. The controller has a sturdy cord that can be removed safely. It is light in weight and very convenient to use. It is an essential tool for the kitchen
•❤ Visible tempered glass cover - It adds convenience, allowing you to monitor food while cooking without lifting the lid. The sides of the lid are covered with stainless steel edges for a perfect fit

304 Stainless Steel Intelligent Energy Saving Cooking Pot 9L

RM199.00 RM95.90
1. .It adopts the newest unique thermal techniques,which will be able to keep warm for more than 8 hours,and more energy-saving,time.2.To use high grade stainless steel 304(18/8) will be more healthy,safer and more durable. 3. Its bottom with high-pressure heat render by 1600 tons will be suitable for gas and electric cooker,and the food will be never stick on the pot bottom. 4. Detachable design for outer pot cover,easy to wash. 5. Capacity : 9L (*Factory calculation standard:Based on outer pot calculation) 6.Only need 25 minutes for cooking, it can keep heating after the fire is closed.The food will continue to boil for about 40 minutes until it is cooked

MILESTONE Health Preserving Smart Cooker 5L

RM899.00 RM399.00
MILESTONE Health Preserving Smart Cooker Let Everyone Eat Healthy * 5L Capacity, Slow Cooking Technology. * Cooking soup does not produce purine * Anhydrous Roast Chicken * Anhydrous roasted sweet potatoes * 78° cut off the power and cook the firewood rice * 85° cut off power to cook porridge * Medical Stone Inner Pot *Steam , Stew,Fried, braised, stewed, roasted, steamed, boiled, baked, everything can do Fear of gout, fear of bone and joint pain, and fear of diabetes? Drink the soup cook by MILESTONE HEALTH PRESERVING SMART COOKER!