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Multi Cooker Electric Baking Pan Crepe Pancake Pizza Maker Machine For Breakfast Household Baking Plate

RM180.00 RM69.90
Product parameters: Voltage: 220V Power: 1250W Baking tray depth: 20mm Internal diameter of the baking tray: 265mm Product advantages: 1.20mm deepened the baking tray, braised to stir fry 2. widen the inner diameter for family More than 3. cycles of heat, the whole plate temperature is uniform 4. non dip coating, easy to clean 5. double disk independent switch, separation and baking, energy saving and electricity saving

Double-sided grill frying pan square shape non-stick pan baking steak frying pan 28cm kitchen cooking tool

RM179.00 RM69.90
Dia Meter:     about 28cm Type: double sided frying pan hot popular in Korean Color:Classical Red color Advantage:Strong Magnetic Handles 1. Featured aluminum, aluminum products heat block, good thermal conductivity, energy saving and time-saving. 2. Fine spray process, internal coating, abrasion resistance, scratch resistance, high temperature, external coating does not fade, bright colors. 3. The pot body is thick, with a high thickness and quality. 4. The handle is PE material, non-slip anti-hot high temperature, PE stainless steel handle. 5. There is a scorch bar on one side. Suitable for frying steaks, fish and the like. . 6. Double-sided available, easy to operate, do not open over and over again. 7. Suitable for home, outdoor, party, barbecue, make cakes.

Donut Mould Easy Fast Portable Donut Maker Manual Waffle Dispenser Doughnut Machine Arabic Waffle Plastic Lightweight De

RM25.00 RM11.90
With this donut dispenser, it's easy to make donuts like the pros. In fact, it's very easy, as simple as making pancakes. Mix the batter just like pancakes. Heat the oil. Hold the dispenser over the hot oil and squeeze the handle. Material: plastic Size:As the picture