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Pumpkin chestnut rice cereal


  1. Preparation materials: 1 pumpkin (about 100g), 7-8 cooked chestnuts, rice (2/3 cup of soymilk measuring cup).
  2. Chop the pumpkin, mix it with the washed rice, and soak in some water. Peel the chestnuts and cut the chestnuts into small pieces.
    ——When preparing dinner the first night, you can prepare and process the ingredients, and save trouble the next morning.
  3. After getting up in the morning, pour the soaked pumpkin pieces, rice, and chestnuts into the Milestone nutrition machine, add appropriate amount of water to make rice paste.
    ——Picture 3 is the water level I often use, the low water level. I also tried less water, 1-2cm lower than the low water level, and the machine did not burn. As there is relatively little water, the rice paste will be thicker. So don’t be too entangled in “how much water”, try a few more times and you will find something you like.
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