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Honeydew Soy Milk


♦   Diced honeydew 150g
♦ Soybeans 1 measuring cup


  1.   Put the diced honeydew and soybeans into the Milestone multifunctional nutrition machine
  2. Add water to the upper and lower water levels, press the soy milk button, about 35 minutes later, nutrition blender will beep to signal ready;
  3. add 4 tablespoons of sugar , Select “Cleaning” button to dissolve the sugar.
  4. Ready to serve.

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Pumpkin Snow Lotus Seed


♦   Snow lotus seeds (aka: horse bean/Egyptian bean/kacang putih) 2 measuring cups
♦ Pumpkin 1 measuring cup (cut into small pieces)
♦ Nuts 1 measuring cup


  1. Soak the snow lotus seeds overnight.
  2. Put snow lotus seeds, pumpkins, and nuts into the Milestone nutrition machine.
  3. Add water to between the upper and lower water levels.
  4. Just press the soya button, and after the beep sound. Ready to serve You can add organic cane sugar to your taste.

Gourd Snow Lotus Seed Soup is a magical soup for ladies. Saussurea seed is a natural and pollution-free fruit endosperm. It has high nutritional value and low-fat food. It has the advantages of weight loss, nourishing yin and beauty, clearing heat and relieving heat, nourishing the heart, clearing the liver and improving eyesight, removing acne, soothing intestines and diuresis, and refreshing. Qi and other effects. This product is crystal clear, colorless and tasteless, and is a good nutritious food. Pumpkin can eliminate the mutational effect of carcinogen-nitrite amine. The pectin can also neutralize and remove heavy metals and some pesticides in the body, so it has the effect of preventing cancer and poisoning, and can help patients with weakened liver and kidney functions to strengthen liver and kidney The regenerative capacity of cells.

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Coconut Pudding


♦ 2 pieces of fragrant coconut (take coconut water and coconut meat)
♦ 200ml coconut milk
♦ 800ml coconut water
♦ Half package of coconut powder (you can find it in supermarkets)


1.Put the coconut meat and coconut milk into the multifunctional nutrition machine, add coconut water to the upper and lower water levels

2. Press the (soya) button until the prompt sounds, turn off the power, and add coconut powder

3.Press the (cleaning) button until the prompt sounds, pour it into your favorite model, and put it in the refrigerator for half an hour.

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Mulberry Jujube Juice


Cooking Materilas

200g mulberry dates
♦ 2 white mulberries (without seeds)
♦ Appropriate amount of dense sugar


1. Wash the ingredients (Except for dense sugar), put them into the multifunctional nutrition machine, and add water to the upper and lower water levels
2.Press coolfruits drink button , process complete add honey, ready to serve

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Pumpkin chestnut rice cereal


  1. Preparation materials: 1 pumpkin (about 100g), 7-8 cooked chestnuts, rice (2/3 cup of soymilk measuring cup).
  2. Chop the pumpkin, mix it with the washed rice, and soak in some water. Peel the chestnuts and cut the chestnuts into small pieces.
    ——When preparing dinner the first night, you can prepare and process the ingredients, and save trouble the next morning.
  3. After getting up in the morning, pour the soaked pumpkin pieces, rice, and chestnuts into the Milestone nutrition machine, add appropriate amount of water to make rice paste.
    ——Picture 3 is the water level I often use, the low water level. I also tried less water, 1-2cm lower than the low water level, and the machine did not burn. As there is relatively little water, the rice paste will be thicker. So don’t be too entangled in “how much water”, try a few more times and you will find something you like.
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Red Beans, Red Dates and Barley Paste

  1. Preparation materials: 2/3 cup of rice, red beans + barley (about 1 cup and a half), 6 red dates.
    ——If the purpose is to get rid of dampness, don’t increase the rice, just use red beans and barley.
  2. Wash red beans, barley, and rice, and soak in water. The red dates are pitted and shredded.
    ——These steps are carried out on the first day, so that the ingredients are soaked overnight to make it easier to cook.
  3. Add the soaked red beans, barley, rice, and red dates to the soymilk machine, add water to make a rice paste.
    ——It takes about 35 minutes for the rice cereal to be ready. You can make other matching foods in this space (the ingredients are also prepared the day before), such as small pancakes, fruits, etc.