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Red Beans, Red Dates and Barley Paste

  1. Preparation materials: 2/3 cup of rice, red beans + barley (about 1 cup and a half), 6 red dates.
    ——If the purpose is to get rid of dampness, don’t increase the rice, just use red beans and barley.
  2. Wash red beans, barley, and rice, and soak in water. The red dates are pitted and shredded.
    ——These steps are carried out on the first day, so that the ingredients are soaked overnight to make it easier to cook.
  3. Add the soaked red beans, barley, rice, and red dates to the soymilk machine, add water to make a rice paste.
    ——It takes about 35 minutes for the rice cereal to be ready. You can make other matching foods in this space (the ingredients are also prepared the day before), such as small pancakes, fruits, etc.