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桂圆红枣汤 / Longan Red Date Soup


  • 将材料洗净
  • 把红枣、桂圆、枸杞子洗干净放入养生壶,加水煮沸


Efficacy: Jujube has high vitamin content and can nourish qi and blood. It is a super tonic for women when combined with longan and brown sugar. It can warm the palace and relieve dysmenorrhea.

wash the material
Wash the red dates, longan, and medlar, put them in the health pot, add water and boil
Small TIPS: Red dates and brown sugar water can dispel wind and cold, invigorate qi and benefit blood, but do not drink it during the menstrual period, so as to avoid excessive blood volume, drink it in moderation, as drinking too much can easily get heaty.

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Hot and Sour Pork Trotter

~~~•Joey Ng•Sincerely share~~~


1. One pig’s Trotter (cut into pieces) – I put half a pig’s trotter

2. ½ stick of black vinegar

3. A large piece of ginger (sliced)

4. 6 dried chillies (soaked in hot water)

5. Salt, coconut sugar to taste

Steps to Make It:

1. Heat a little oil in a wok, add pork trotter and stir fry, add ginger and dried chili.

2. Pour the black vinegar into the pig feet, cover the pig feet, and simmer for 45 minutes on medium-low heat. (with or without water)

3. Put the above ingredients into the “Milestone Nutrition Pot”,Press the “Tendons Braised Tendons” button, it will be cooked automatically, and when ready the indicator light will flash. It will keep warm automatically. (It is best to keep it warm for two hours before eating, so that it will taste delicious.)

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~~~•Joey Ng•诚意分享~~~


1. 猪脚一只(斩块) -我放半只猪脚

2. 黑醋½支

3. 姜一大块(切片)

4.  辣椒干6条(浸热水)



1. 热锅少许油,倒入猪脚炒一翻,加入姜,辣椒干。

2. 黑醋倒入猪脚里,盖过猪脚,中小火焖煮45分钟。(可以加或不加入水)

3.把以上材料放入“Milestone 营养锅”,按“Tendons焖蹄筋”键,大约1个半小时后,就自动煮好了,显示灯将闪闪。它会自动保温着。(最好让它保温两个小时候才吃,这样才入味。)

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Smoothie Apple Milk

~~~•Ann Kok•Sincerely share~~~

Ann Kok has compiled the [Milestone Multifunctional Nutrition Machine] version of the apple milk smoothie recipe for everyone here.

★Smoothie Apple Milk★

Preparing ingredients:

 red apples: 2 pcs

evaporated milk: half can

small ice cubes: 3 bowls

1. Cut the red apple into small cubes and smash ice cubes for later use.

2 .Take out the ‘milestone multifunctional nutrition machine’ and add all the ingredients between the upper and lower water levels.

3 Then press the cool fruits drinks button. The red light is on. . Until the sound bee lights up, it means the work is successfully completed~


With a [Milestone Multi-Functional Nutrition Machine], just follow the recipe step by step, and there will be no mistakes.

With a [Milestone Multi-Functional Nutrition Machine] with grinding and boiling functions, it is much easier to drink a cup of five-grain beverage every day, and you can do it with one touch button.

[Milestone Small Appliances Recipe Page] will provide you with recipes every day. With a [Milestone Multi-Functional Nutrition Machine], even if you are lazy to think about recipes, follow to the recipes provided step by step, , the method is very simple and easy to learn, just turn it on and follow the recipe.

About 【Milestone Multifunctional Nutrition Machine】and further inquiries, please PM inbox (message) or leave a message directly

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~~~•Ann Kok•诚意分享~~~

Ann Kok在这里为大家编写了【Milestone 多功能营养机】版的冰沙苹果奶食谱。








3然后按cool fruits drinks。红灯亮起。。直到声音bee亮起即表示工作顺利完成~


有了一部【Milestone 多功能营养机】,照着食谱一步一步做,肯定不会有闪失。

有了一部拥有研磨、熬煮功能的【Milestone 多功能营养机】,想要每天喝一杯五谷饮料就容易多了,一个按键就搞定。

【Milestone 小家电食谱专页】天天都会为你提供食谱。有了一部【Milestone 多功能营养机】,就算你懒的去想食谱,根据提供的食谱step by step,一步骤,一步骤,做法非常简单易学,开机,照着食谱做就是了。

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